Student Loan Payment Calculators

LoanMajor wants everyone to graduate from college with student loans that they will be able to afford to pay. We have developed student loan payment calculators for first time undergraduate students to estimate their total loans and payments at graduation. You can then compare your estimated debt to a potential starting salary based on major to see how affordable your monthly payments will be. 

College Search Calculator

The College Search Calculator is a student loan calculator for potential undergraduates who are shopping around looking for which college to attend. It uses average net prices based on family income and cash contributions from students and family to get a quick estimate of total student loan debt before even applying. It can then uses a student loan repayment calculator feature, which shows how much monthly payments will be after graduation. Multiple schools can be compared when shopping so that the affordability of each college can be taken into account when choosing where to apply.

College Selection Calculator

The College Selection Calculator is a student loan calculator for potential undergraduate students who received their financial aid packages after acceptance, and they need to make a final decision on which college to attend. It breaks down the financial aid package and adds in contributions from the student and family to calculate which loans should be taken. It then finds the best repayment plan based on a starting salary. With the student loan repayment calculator portion, all financial aid packages can be compared to estimate which colleges will leave the student with the most and least debt.

These tools will allow undergraduate students to get a grasp on how expensive an college actually is. They will also help minimize the chances of having problems affording student loans after graduation.